EDIINT-AS2 is a technology that allows companies to exchange business documents over the internet in a secure way and with an audit trail.

Some companies are asking their trading community to implement AS2 solutions to replace traditional VAN service, as a way of reducing costs. Unlike most internet protocols, which follow a client-server model, AS2 requires a server-to-server connection. This makes implementing AS2 more challenging than, say, viewing a web page or connecting to an ftp server. Before you invest in AS2 software---which can be pricey---consider letting York Worldwide handle your AS2 connections. You continue to access your mailbox on FOUNDATION™ via the straightforward ftp client, and York will connect to your trading partners via AS2 on your behalf. Likewise, your trading partner will send documents to York via AS2, which will be placed in your ftp mailbox for your pick-up.

Bottom line: satisfy your trading partner, but avoid the costs and headaches by letting York manage your AS2 connections for you.