There are two basic components to a successful EDI program: the delivery of data and the integration of the data into an application. With the advent of the internet, delivery of data has become more cost effective.

Traditional VANs deliver data while providing security, reliability and a third-party audit trail—features not available with, say, e-mail. Integration of the data into an order entry system, or interfacing with a forecasting system to pull purchase orders is where EDI provides true value. The removal of "human" steps speeds up the process and removes data-entry errors. So while sending a "fax" might seem less expensive than setting up an EDI system, a fax is not integrated into an application at the receiving end, and is therefore less efficient and more prone to problems.

York's FOUNDATION™ VAN solves both the delivery and the integration problems. FOUNDATION™, through interconnects to other VANs, or through managed connections directly into your trading partner's system, gets your business documents where they need to go---securely, reliably, and with independent proof.

York supports a variety of connection protocols. Meaning that you can connect to us via ftp, http, e-mail, AS2, async or bi-sync dial-up, and so on. By moving the data-format translation to your mailbox on FOUNDATION™, you can send and receive in the formats used by your ERP system---making integration easier, and allowing you to take advantage of all the other data cleansing features available only on our network.

Whether you send or receive ANSI, EDIFACT, XML, or your own proprietary data formats, through EDI FASTrack™ your trading partners' format requirements are met.


EDIINT-AS2 is a technology that allows companies to exchange business documents over the internet in a secure way and with an audit trail.