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Opens the door to a vast array of additional functionality for your data.

Elevate your data translation into process transformation, eliminating extra steps in the flow of information between you and your trading partners.

A company needs to solve two problems to implement conventional EDI. The first is choosing your VAN provider. The second is, “how do I get my data from my format into something the trading partner can understand?” (And conversely, “how do I get the data from my trading partner into a format my software can understand?”)  This problem is solved by a translation process, and often involves translation software.

With the EDI FASTrack solution at York, translation can be handled intra-network, meaning you send and receive data in the formats that are natural to your own systems, and the York system will handle the conversion of the data to/from your trading partners’ formats. This approach gives some major advantages, the most obvious being it removes the need for you to purchase and maintain translation software.

The benefits go far deeper. Since your data flows through York’s FASTrack network, much more advanced processing can be executed, giving unlimited opportunities to solve business problems not easily handled by your ERP system.

So, what starts as basic data translation becomes process transformation. The EDI FASTrack program at York does both.

To understand what is possible, here are some examples:

  1. You want to send in XML format, but have York convert the format to ANSI X.12 before delivering the data. (This is an example of basic translation).
  2. Have York receive invoices in ANSI X.12 from your vendors, but convert them into API calls into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system.
  3. When you send an invoice to your customer, insert the Buyer’s Department number from the original purchase order automatically into the invoice.
  4. Screen out duplicate invoices from your vendors so you don’t pay an invoice twice.
  5. If the line items from an invoice don’t add up to the invoice total, with a rounding tolerance of 1 cent per line item, send you the invoice via EDI but also send you an email alert.
  6. Reject bad data from your trading partner, send a rejection ANSI X.12 document (such as an EDI Document 824), and keep track if the trading partner ever submits a correction.
  7. Compare a purchase order, invoice, and advanced shipping notification and report any discrepancies.
  8. Automate the pulling of data off a website with a set interval.
  9. Suspend incoming data and let you review and release it via a webpage review.

You can see from the above examples that the only limit to what EDI FASTrack can do for your business processes is your imagination.

Your EDI FASTrack processing can grow over time, adding logic and processes as the needs arise.

Use EDI FASTrack to handle your translation needs, and open the door to transforming your business processes.

Have York evaluate your EDI needs by contacting us today.

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