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A user friendly, web-based supply chain solution that satisfies your trading partners’ EDI requirements.

If a major retailer wants you to implement EDI, then you have to consider translation software, paying for “maps,” purchasing a mailbox on a VAN, and possibly more, so it all adds up to more than the account is worth. Seldon can:

  • Receive an EDI purchase order transmission, appearing in human readable form on a web form.  
  • Press a button and the web form generates an invoice from the purchase order, which you can edit and then release back to your customer as an EDI invoice transmission.  
  • As far as your customer can tell, you are EDI compliant. And all at a cost far less than conventional EDI.

Seldon also has functionality and features with some basic ERP functionality, such as an item master, truck splitting an order, and generating shipping labels. You can upload files directly into Seldon. Get email alerts when an order arrives. Seldon can work as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with conventional EDI. You can also interface Seldon with your ERP, such as QuickBooks. This gives you best of conventional EDI with Seldon as a way to view your EDI transactions. With set-up for some trading partners as low as $99, Seldon is a cost-effective way to enter your company into EDI.

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“…If you are looking for a team that will seamlessly blend with your organization, York is your EDI provider. York’s commitment to supporting their clients is second to none.”

Jennifer Hartwig
Project Manager, Mid-States Distributing Company