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Become EDI compliant with L&M Supply

We’re proud to be L&M Supply’s authorized EDI provider.


York Worldwide is proud to be the authorized EDI provider for L&M Supply. In addition to common EDI documents, we have developed several custom processes to save you time and money, and dramatically reduce errors. 

About L&M Supply: James Luthen and Delbert Matteson opened the first L&M Fleet Supply store in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 1959. L&M Supply started with a small markup philosophy which continues today. Their vision and mission was to be one of the first merchants to buy direct from factories and sell directly to the consumer. Out of that vision, the company philosophy and logo was established as “Quality at a Discount.”

L&M Supply now includes 12 retail store locations and one corporate office/distribution in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, and is co-owned by Del Matteson, Shawn Matteson, and Erik Andersen.

Set up EDI with L&M Supply