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Mid-States Distributing and York Worldwide

Become EDI compliant with Mid-States Distributing

We’re proud to be Mid-States’ authorized EDI provider.


York Worldwide is proud to be the authorized EDI provider for Mid-States. In addition to common EDI documents, we have teamed up with Mid-States to develop customized EDI services to save suppliers time and money, and dramatically reduce errors. 

About Mid-States: Established in 1954, Mid-States Distributing Company, Inc. is the leading Farm, Ranch and Home Retail Cooperative. The cooperative consists of 36 independent Ranch & Home retailers (“Members”) The members have approximately 700 retail store locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, generating over $6.5 billion of annual retail sales. 

Set up EDI with Mid-States

“…If you are looking for a team that will seamlessly blend with your organization, York is your EDI provider. York’s commitment to supporting their clients is second to none.”

Jennifer HartwigProject Manager, Mid-States Distributing Company