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Become EDI compliant with Norbys Farm Fleet

We’re proud to be the authorized EDI provider of Norbys Farm Fleet.


York Worldwide is proud to be the authorized EDI provider for Norbys Farm Fleet. In addition to common EDI documents, we have developed several custom processes to save you time and money, and dramatically reduce errors. 

About Norbys Farm Fleet: Loren and Connie Norby started Norbys Farm Fleet in Manchester, Iowa in 1962. Since that time Norbys Farm Fleet has added 10 more stores to the following Northeast Iowa communities; Oelwein in 1966, Independence in 1968, West Union in 1970, Elkader in 1974, Decorah in 1987, Waverly in 1995, Grundy Center in 2003, Sumner in 2005, Lebanon, KY in 2008, and our latest location, Eldora, IA in 2020. The corporate headquarters is located in Dubuque, Iowa with our warehouse stationed in Independence, Iowa.

Set-up EDI with Norbys