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Become EDI compliant with Rural King

We’re proud to be Rural King’s authorized EDI provider.


York Worldwide is proud to be the authorized EDI provider for Rural King. In addition to common EDI documents, we have teamed up with Rural King to develop customized EDI services to save suppliers time and money, and dramatically reduce errors. 

About Rural King: Rural King is America’s Farm and Home Store and General Merchandise Store. They provide a provide a broad range of necessities, essential goods, food, feed, seed and other farm and home products. Rural King opened its first store in Mattoon, Illinois in 1960, and since then has added over 160 stores in 13 states. 

Set up EDI with Rural King

“I have yet to encounter a problem or issue that York couldn’t fix. As one of my co-workers put it, ‘York is always saving the day!’ I appreciate each of you so much!”

Tracy WilliamsEDI Coordinator, Rural King