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Become EDI compliant with Theisen’s Home Farm Auto

We’re proud to be Theisen’s authorized EDI provider.


York Worldwide is proud to be the authorized EDI provider for Theisen’s. In addition to common EDI documents, we have developed several custom processes to save you time and money, and dramatically reduce errors.

About Theisen’s: Founded by Leo and Kathryn Theisen in 1927, Theisen’s Battery & Electric in Dubuque, Iowa, sold only two items: batteries and tires. Over four generations, the Theisen family grew the business to become a regional chain distributing automotive, footwear, toys, home improvement, lawn, and garden tools. Theisen’s Farm Home & Auto currently operates 24 stores in Iowa and southwest Wisconsin.

Set up EDI with Theisen's

“Working with York Worldwide is one of the smoothest transitions for me. Using York alleviates some of my workload and they are very pleasant to work with. I would encourage any company to take a strong look at the services York Worldwide provides.”

Christine CornellBusiness Systems Manager, Theisen's Home Farm Auto