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EDI is a versatile technology that facilitates the efficient, accurate, and secure exchange of business-critical information across different industries. Its primary purpose is to automate and improve various business processes, enhance collaboration among trading partners, and reduce manual effort and errors in data interchange.

  • Data Integrity: EDI is designed for secure and standardized data exchange, ensuring data integrity and reducing the risk of errors or data corruption during transmission.
  • Established Standards: EDI relies on established standards like ANSI X12 and EDIFACT, which promote consistency and interoperability across different systems and industries.
  • Cost Savings: EDI can lead to cost savings by streamlining business processes, reducing paperwork, and minimizing manual data entry.
  • Longevity: EDI has a long history and is well-suited for industries with legacy systems or where compliance with specific standards is mandated.
  • Batch Processing: EDI is suitable for batch processing of transactions, making it efficient for scenarios with high volumes of data.

York Worldwide Technologies has been providing EDI and VAN services since 1992. We provide reliable, cost-effective transmission of business documents, improving the efficiencies of supply chains. Our globally dispersed client base uses our network to trade with Walmart, Amazon, General Motors (GM), Meijer, Sears, Home Depot, Target, Steelcase, Menards, Walgreens, Carhartt, Columbia, Ariat and thousands more.

York Worldwide Technologies has positioned itself to extend traditional EDI processes into seamless application intelligence. Our robust portfolio of solutions and Innovation Intelligence allows our clients to have a single connection to their trading community. We pride ourselves on the ease-of-use of solutions and our friendly, knowledgeable customer support staff.